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God is the just judge, rather it is justice itself, and God forbid that anyone should be unjust, even if we as human beings search for justice and talk about it day and night, so what do we care about God who created us, and made his justice in our hearts. It is the source of all justice known to mankind. In the following points, we present features of God’s justice, according to the testimony of the Bible:

First: God’s justice requires the application of the spirit of justice:

Any just judge has many considerations according to which he rules, so it is not fair for the judge to punish everyone who erred with the same punishment, without considering any considerations, or circumstances related to the accused such as his age, purpose or motives for his crime, or his psychological state at the time of the crime or... Or... God’s justice requires that God judge people according to many considerations, among which we mention, by way of example, but not limited to:

  • God’s judgment is not a single pattern: he who has not reached the light of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ at all, may ask about what God put in his heart of a good nature, for example, or what he knew, or reached through the surrounding community, and to whom the preaching and the good news did not reach. Accept her light is not equal to those who did not reach him. We have confirmed St. Paul's Prophet . They are a nation for themselves, who show the work of the law written in their hearts, also witness their conscience and thoughts among themselves or protested, "(Ro 2: 12-15).
  • God’s judgment of people for their personal wrongdoing: he who is negligent will be held accountable for his personal negligence, and he who is cruel will be held accountable for his cruelty. Each one is on his own fault, and he who does not respond to the voice of God that God has called him repeatedly will be judged, and no one will be able on the Day of Judgment to deny God’s dealings with him, or his rejection and lack of response to his voice, because God will judge mankind with unambiguous judgments, and so on... The book thus says: “Indeed, everyone dies for his own sin. Everyone who eats sour grapes will have his teeth set off” (Jeremiah 31:30). He also said: “Who will reward each one according to his deeds.” (Romans 2:6). The owner of one weight (in the same weights) justified his negligence - accusing his master of cruelty - saying:"... Mr., I knew that you are a harsh person, harvesting where he did not plant, and gathered in terms of not shattered. He and I missed and hidden and grabbed you in the land. He answered his master and said to him. “And gather where I did not scatter, so you ought to have put my money with the money-changers, for when I came, A.D. 7–25.” It is clear in the parable that the master asks the servant for a simple act that he could easily have done.
  • Judgment according to the capabilities endowed with man: God’s judgment of mankind varies from person to person, according to what man has attained from the capabilities and what knowledge has been revealed to him. Whoever is given a lot will be held accountable for more, because his capabilities are greater. To bring the mind closer, we ask: Is the exam for the fifth grade of primary school in science suitable as an exam for students of the Faculty of Science?! of course not. We are the children of God who have entrusted us with the secrets of the kingdom of God, so we must be more careful, because we will be held accountable for the same sins that others who do not have a spiritual knowledge may commit more strictly, as the Bible says:"The agency sentence. There is no messages to be the failure of the emboyheres altitution. Amir 2).

Second: God has absolutely no partiality in His rulings:

  • God’s various gifts and gifts to man are as a matter of weight, not favoritism:

God’s gifts and talents vary and vary for humans, but they are counted in terms of weights, as we mentioned earlier, so whoever is given a lot will demand more, but God’s judgments are without favoritism because each one will be held accountable according to his capabilities. St. Peter revealed the apostle of this fact , saying: " If you call a father who without favoritism according to each one 's work, pass the time of Grpetkm fear," (1 Peter 1: 17) .. God rebuked St. Peter the Apostle , who was seen as non - Jews look inferior, showing He has his will in the purification of all, and their acceptance, saying to him: "... that which God has purified, you shall not defile!" (Acts 10:15).  The great Messenger realized this fact and sang about it, saying: “...In truth I find that God is intolerant. But in every nation who fear Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him. "(Acts 10: 34-35), but stressed elsewhere thatpeopleGodfirst sedan allsaying: " For the time for judgment to begin from the house of God. And if he is first of us, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17).

  • The grace given to God's children is not impunity for them: we will be held accountable for God's many gifts to us. They are weights, and they are not a testimony that qualifies to enjoy the kingdom of heaven without reckoning, and this is what our teacher Paul affirmed to the Christians who were Christianized in Rome, saying: “It is not those who hear the law who are just with God, but it is they who preach the law.” (Romans 2:13).

Third: God has provided mankind with many gifts and blessings to protect them from the provisions of His judgment:

Man is limited in knowledge, and uses his senses to know what is around him, but God is a spirit, and simple human senses cannot comprehend Him. God has given human beings the possibility of knowing him, as St. Gregory said in the Divine Liturgy: “ You gave me the knowledge of your knowledge.” Therefore, a person will not have an excuse to invoke God’s just judgment, as the Bible says: “... so that every mouth may be shut up, and the whole world may be eavesdropped.” Rom 3:19). In the following points, we explain this in detail:

  • The various faculties and talents given to man: God of greatness and majesty has placed in every human being many natural faculties and talents, to qualify him for eternal bliss, to varying degrees. We mention from those faculties and blessings, for example, but not limited to: reason, logic, and natural feelings that are affected by pain, and rejoice and be happy for good. Who has never cried, no matter how harsh it is. God has endowed us with a good nature like him. We were created in his image and likeness, and therefore it is logical for humans to find their comfort in God, the merciful, the benefactor. The simplest evidence confirming our saying is the unanimity of people in the whole world on the importance of goodness and righteousness. Therefore, we find the most powerful wicked speak the logic of duty and truth in the midst of his own, and he comforts those who work with him kindly. But the wicked harden their hearts, so they corrupt their mercies, as the book says about the cruelty of the people of Edom:"So the Lord said:" For the sins of the three Adum and the four, I will not return, because he followed the sword his brother, and spoiled his crowds, and his orgasm to the predestination, and his charity saves him forever. " (Am 1:11).09
  • God’s commandments: God gave His commandments to His people, and He also gave those who did not receive His commandments, preachers and pious witnesses, living in the midst of the world to bear witness to Him, as if they were a gospel read by everyone who sees them, as our teacher Paul the Apostle said : by the Spirit of the living God, not in tablets of stone, but in fleshy tablets of heart.” (2 Corinthians 3:3). It is impossible for God, the great Creator of the universe, not to testify for himself, and then judge mankind. The book confirmed that: "But he did not leave himself without a saw, he is doing good .
  • The gift of reason: God created man wise and speaking, and therefore he can comprehend many things by deduction. The knowledge of God is a phenomenon in nature is experiencing the greatness of the Creator .
  • Conscience: It is an inner voice, a just arbiter and a stubborn opponent willing to resist. He is always a companion to man. Conscience cries out against what is false, and a person cannot easily silence his conscience. He is able to rebuke and severely hurt his owner to keep him away from many evils, and lead him to righteousness. The Lord taught us to satisfy our conscience so that we can not be soaked in the judgment . (Matt. 5:25), but a person’s conscience is affected by his evil or his holiness, and he needs training and discipline in order to become good and beneficial to his owner, as the Apostle Paul said : “Therefore I also train myself to be mine, forgiving and ever-forgiving.” (Acts 24:16).
  • The work and declarations of the Holy Spirit of God: It is impossible for simple and weak human beings to know the mighty and very great God. Therefore, the Spirit of God had to announce to us about the Lord Jesus, as the book says: “ Therefore I will make known to you that there is no one who speaks, and it is spoken by God.” Only by the Holy Spirit can he say, “Jesus is Lord.” For there are different kinds of gifts, but the Spirit is the same. (1 Corinthians 12:3-4) . We can summarize the work of the Holy Spirit in revealing God in the following points:

1. The Holy Spirit dwells in the children of God to lead them on the way to eternal life, but He also works in all people (believer or unbeliever) to lead them to repentance and knowledge of God. It is declared in many ways about the existence of God and his revelation according to what is best for everyone . The gap of the city, at the entrance of the doors, "You are the people of my clubs, and my happiness to Bani Adam. The fools learned intelligence, and what is wrong." (Mother 8: 1- 5)

2. Accept ads from the Spirit of God, able to free him, even if few of them know of God aggravated more and more, so rooted in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as a testament book: "it will be given to him and increased, but whoever does not have the one who has will be taken from him." (Matthew 13:12). Therefore, there will be an excuse for those who claim ignorance of God, because he is who refused to know and want him for the same ignorance as the book . (Romans 1:21-22).

3. The Holy Spirit uses all the capabilities gifted to man (as we mentioned many of them) to have his conscience as a strong living testimony from within himself that pushes him to repentance and faith. I explained that the Apostle Paul said: " I say the truth in Christ, do not lie, my conscience bearing witness to me in the Holy Spirit" (Romans 9: 1), but the conscience of man will be in the day of judgment will not be estimated to run away from his testimony, Ouitinasy what concealed secret of cruelty resistance to his conscience Kcol Saint Paul the Apostle: "those who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bear witness , and their thoughts among themselves Mstkih or arguing, in the day when God will judge the secrets of men according to my gospel of Christ Jesus." (Romans 2:15-16).

4. Everyone who longs to know God must earnestly strive in prayer to seek knowledge of God, and surely God will deal with the sincere and earnest in seeking to know Him, and will reveal Himself to him regardless of their wrong beliefs. Saint Paul Flash the Prophet to the need for prayer, and students to declare God more about knowledge and glory .

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