Hymn words Rejoice, my soul

Song for  the lord


 1. Rejoice, my soul, and sing,
who gave you freedom.
Rejoice, my soul, and sing
. You have the greatest you desire
  To your beloved Groom
and redeem you on the cross, glorify the
name of Christ,
remember the wounded side
 2. Rejoice, O my soul, and sing;   Glory the name of God
and seek help in prayer for the
poor sinners
, the faithful Saviour
 3. Rejoice, O my soul, and become rich,
reveal your light and salt, set
your throne all your life
, and make it the goal of your faith.
  And wipe away all tears , tell me
of the salvation of Jesus
for your holy Christ
is the salvation of souls
 4. Rejoice, O my soul, and sing to
the name of the Lord of glory, the Redeemer
. Sing to Him and rejoice for Him
my soul, and sing.
  And sing the greatest anthem
of the maker of the new covenant
, praise him and sing to him
, and always carry his gospel
 5. Rejoice, O my soul, and sing
. Where the Lord of glory is seated
, the time of His coming
. Rejoice, O my soul, and sing.
  And look toward the sky
and declare allegiance to Him as
the prophecies of the book
Christ is at the doors



very nice song for the lord bring happiness and peace

i hope it world make your day awesome and strength your faith

Go Bless  you



Another good song for the lord



Return to your Lord and repent My sinner, I know your way
The greatest share of the people Take Christ for you
The wonderful light of Christ The light illuminates your life
Jesus in the blood of the cross And cleanse you of your sins
Hear the words of the book Run away from the world now
Thorns, bitterness and torment All that is on earth is vanity
And you will be a happy son In one moment change
And be born again From sin is liberated
If you come back to him Jesus fulfills your hopes
And put your burden on him Come and give him your heart
And live in the orbit of salvation Eternity is guaranteed
Under the Lord of life With the redeemed church