A good Song for the lord will touch your soul and give you very good day

From the day I met my beloved Jesus,
I have always lived with joy.
My heart was happy and He forgave my sins
and cast them into the sea of ​​oblivion.
My heart is happy and has lived in safety
since the day I received forgiveness.


Glory, glory to Jesus
Thank you, thank you, Jesus
My heart is happy with Jesus

For many times I searched everywhere
for true happiness
and found nothing but sorrows,
humiliation and slavery
, but from the day I met Jesus
he made me happy and opened my eyes to me

He said to me, “Your sins are forgiven.
” The moment I turned to him
and confessed all my sins,
grace poured from his lips.
He said to me, “Congratulations. Congratulations

Everything I have I gave to you

4 Come, come, come to him.
Come out immediately from the midst of the fire.
Say to him, “Have mercy on me, a sinner.
Submit and imitate the publican
. Come out of the fire and leave the shame
and come and join with the righteous.

I hope you like it

God bless you and Bleessyour family

God Bless Pres Trump and His campaign , I prey he will win next election