Good Morning (Love Makes Everything Beautiful)

Song of Solomon 2

Winter Is Past

She Speaks:

I hear the voice
    of the one I love,
as he comes leaping
over mountains and hills
    like a deer or a gazelle.
Now he stands outside our wall,
looking through the window
10     and speaking to me.

He Speaks:

My darling, I love you!
    Let’s go away together.
11 Winter is past,
    the rain has stopped;
12 flowers cover the earth,
    it’s time to sing.[c]
The cooing of doves
    is heard in our land.
13 Fig trees are bearing fruit,
while blossoms on grapevines
    fill the air with perfume.
My darling, I love you!
    Let’s (be together) / come with me  .


I haven't add any comments , and the words is great

very nice words and nice Poetry

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