Good Morning

Very nice and good morning to all my awesome friends

it is been very nice day yesterday ,thank you so much

(I am going to take care of few little things need to be fixed (my mistake )

found this nice christian song and awesome

looking to share  I hope you like it


1) Did you sit quietly
and look at the sky and contemplate
a cross
between earth and sky
above which love was manifested with
wounds and blood
(shaking hands on those who crossed it
with prayer and supplication)

The decision
removes the mountains, it calls: “Come.” With a
voice that shakes the conscience,
spreads peace, illuminates the darkness,
so that even the blind can see

2) wiping tears the drink
from the eyes of ordinary people
Nazaaa grief grieving
sowing them consolation
Gafra all the sins
panacea of the disease
(increasing all the wrongs
motivated all the misery)

3) Have you tasted peace and been
blessed with redemption
from Christ with his blood, who
gave you the most contented gift
, sacrificed his wealth
so that the poor would sing
(He came to man as light that
gives him light)



link to song