Song for the lord

1- From the day I met my beloved Jesus and
I live always joyful
joy of my heart and forgiven my sins
and put them in the sea of ​​oblivion
my heart is joyful living in safety
from the day I got forgiveness

Glory glory to Jesus
thank you thank you to Jesus
my heart is so happy for Jesus

2- Yama (Many times), I searched everywhere
for true happiness
and found nothing but sorrows
, humiliation and slavery,
but from the day I met Jesus, he made
me happy and He has opened my eyes

3- He said to me, “Your sins will be forgiven you,
at once.” When I resorted to him,
I confessed all my sins, and
the grace poured out from his words

4- Come, come, come to him, come
out immediately from the midst of the fire
, say to him, have mercy on me, I am a sinner
, and submit and imitate the tithes
. Get out of the fire, leave the shame
, and come join the righteous .

the whole list

It was blissing for me  for  the previous weeks


God bless you