Very nice spiritual song for The lord

is only you, Jesus, and no one else.
I love you, Jesus (and no one is with you) 2

1- You redeemed me in my worries and comforted me
with one touch you healed me (and with a look I became with you) 2

2- You wiped my tears, bandaged me my wounds , my life and
my soul (swimming in the highest sky) 2

3 - from the broken soul  is for the victory, and the sorrows is removed , and I am happy in the Presence (when I walked with you
) 2

4- This is your name on my mind, always in my imagination
and life is happy for me (when I am with you) 2

5- Glory, freedom and a good life eternal love (that binds me and you
) 2

Very nice words ,god bless you and bless your family and give you all happiness
thank you so much
nothing bad is going to happen I would like to have people to have peace and confidence.
I prey for people of Ukraine and People of Russia to find peace and things will go normal for them again.