SpiritualĀ  prey For Our be loving Father Shenoda the Third God Bless His Soul

SpiritualĀ  prey For Our be loving Father Shenoda the Third God Bless His Soul

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Regarding the salvation of myself +

It is enough that you win in redeeming this soul + If the salvation of my soul is not strong by my will ... +

There is no doubt that your grace is strong and powerful +

If I am corrupting my nature, I do not want to live with you +

It is enough that you want to live with you and your will to do everything +

If you left me, O Lord, to my will? My weakness? He considered me sick to heal himself He cannot even go to the doctor And say a word, and I absolve myself +

Forgive me, Lord, if I pray without heat +

I pray with the emptiness in my heart and you are the one that gives me the heat You are the one who poured your sacred fire into my heart Take my prayer as it is with its imperfection, things do not begin completely and perfection is with you +

With your power, your blessing, and your Holy Spirit, I will become in the image you want for me under your leadership +

You hold and lead me step by step, leading a toddler who is learning to walk +

I leave you until I feel that you have read me to you and brought me back to you more than your love + There is another way to repent in prayer +

He is deluded by demons +

I don't just want my sin to be forgiven Rather, I want you to strip from my heart absolutely all love for sin Here I come to you with my sin as I am. And you who take it away from me +

If I were able to leave the love of sin, I would have returned to you a long time ago +

So save me from her to lead me in your victory parade Take her away from my heart and take away her control of my will Trustworthy His Holiness Pope Shenouda III