Spiritual prey By Our be loving Father Shenoda the Third God Bless His Soul

Make it a blessed Year.

A pure year to please you.

A year in which you have your soul.

She's involved in working with us.

Hold our hands, and lead our thoughts from the beginning of the year to the end

So this year is yours and you're comfortable with it.

It is a pure new year that does not allow us to contaminate it with some sins and impurities.

Every work we do this year, join in.

Let's shut up, and you do everything.

So we're eagled with everything you do and say with John al-Bashir:

"Everything in it was, and otherwise nothing was of it."

Let this year be a happy year.

I print a smile on every face, and the joy of every heart.

And enter your grace in the experiments , and give the experiments aid.

Peace and comfort for all

We're not just asking for ourselves.

We ask for all. Because they're yours.

I created them to enjoy you, so make them happy.

We ask you for the church, for your majesty, for your word,

To reach every heart.

We ask you for our country,for the peace of the world, so that your kingdom comes everywhere.

Make it a fruitful year, it's all good.

Every day he has his job, and every hour he does.

It does not allow for a single sterile moment.

But fill our lives with activity, work and production.

Give us a pool of productive fatigue, sacred.

And give us the Company of the Holy Spirit in all our works.

We thank you, Lord, for you have greeted us up to this moment, and you have given us this year,

So we can bless you in it.