A Day for the Lord


Passing through all the difficulties
Our joys declare a sure victory
And promises full of freedoms
Sultan makes the heart happy

the decision
He is my guarantor, he reassures me
Close to me, my beloved Jesus
He came and called me out of my mind
(He is my precious, beloved Jesus) 2

Passing by, Shailene is cheering in the heart
And banners raised for a generous God
And hearts are happy and not afraid
By glorifying the forgiver of a great sin

Passing by, living free with you
Our sins bear witness to you with faith
With hearts that long and wish to meet you
Passing by with you, Lina Sultan

Passing by, leaving our troubles to you
Our burdens are in your hands, you will carry them
It lifts us up from our weaknesses
Our victory and you are its guarantors