Good words

People who came with heavy filled heart of sorrows

and cant prey , cant sing to the Lord and from the pain and they ask what we would be thank you for

the good words say

just be patient to him and keep your eyes high on him and in church) when the prey almost end , see if you can sing for the Lord or not )

the good words say

when you be in the presence of God , it is not matter that you come and know how to prey or sing for the Lord , that when you are in his presence it touch your heart and when you are walking from this place you know how to sing and how to prey from your heart

he can touch your heart

he can change the sorrows to happiness

Song for the lord translated

I come closer to you and feel comfortable and you meet me with joy
Tears overflow from love, not wounds

the decision

He healed me and healed me with his overwhelming soul
His love attracted me to him, and I came with my eyes on him
I sat in his hands and my time forgot me

His presence is full of generosity and benevolence
My Prey, O Lord, is for you and no one else
I belong to you, and I seek your perfection

Thanks for the prey and the kind words