Reflections on the thirteenth Psalm “How long will you forget me?

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Reflections on the thirteenth Psalm "How long will you forget me?

It is one of the early prayer psalms. It is a psalm of groaning, a complaint and a reproach from a person in distress, and time has stretched for him in his distress. Therefore, the phrase (for how long?) Was repeated four times in the prayer of this psalm: He said: How long for how long, may God forget me? To the expiration of, until when to hide your face from me? How long will I repeat these pain in my heart and these sorrows throughout my day? How long does an infection rise on?

This repetition was not a grumble, but an argument in prayer. It is a color of insistence on the Lord. No matter how long it takes in his distress to despair, he raises his heart to God, praying and saying: How long? Desiring that God intervene to save him ...

The phrase (until when) shows us that the times of pain seem long, meaning that a person feels their length more than times of joy..and that one hour in severe pain from a severe disease seems longer than hours or days in pleasure and joy always moments of sadness, pain and pain appear long and The days of joy seem short

David here, may God be blessed: Why do you stand still in my distress? (Faster and Meaningful) (Ps 69 (70))

How long do you not interfere? Until when do you forget me? (How long will you stand far in the time of trouble ?!) (Ps 10: 1) Until when will Saul the king persecute me for all this persecution and you see and be silent ?! Perhaps because his watch will not come yet. This is right but I am tired ....

Here I say: If the pain times prolonged, think about the cause of it, perhaps it is inside you! Maybe the days are long because of your impatience or intolerance! A person may feel the length of the tribulation period if the heart cannot spend it from the inside ... if there is something in the heart of complaining or lack of patience or lack of faith that the Lord will save him and deliver him, and so he loses hope too and gets tired

If you are distressed, do not focus your thoughts on the distress and its troubles, but rather in God, who will deliver you from it ...

(Stand and see the salvation of the Lord. The Lord fights for you while you are silent) (Ex. 14:13, 14)

If you think about the sorrows surrounding you, you will be tired, so let it pass by without passing into your heart and settling in it. Be busy with it to think about something else. Think about the goodness of God, his promises, his acts of love, and in every tribulation that passes you, tell yourself these phrases:

Her fate is over. All for good. God exist...

He also said, "How long do you block your face from me?"

There are periods of temporary abandonment of grace, either because of a temporary punishment or because a person feels weak, and does not fall into pride or with a certain wisdom of divine arrangement for the benefit of man or is a form of formal abandonment in which God watches and saves man at the time of necessity

And sometimes God withholds his face from a person because of his sins, especially those who worship God and their hands are stained with blood and their hearts are full of cruelty like those who said to them in the book of Isaiah (When you spread out your hands I cover my eyes on you and that you increase your prayer I do not hear your hands full of blood) (Isa 1:15)

If one of these said: How long, Lord, do you forget me? How long will you block your face from me? The Lord says to him (So we protest). Look, perhaps you are the one who is after you.

(Go back, come back to you) (Mal 3: 7)

When Adam sinned, he fled from God and hid behind the trees. Who then withheld his face from the other: Adam or God?

Adam was the one who hid and no longer saw God while God was seeking Him! Always the wrong person is the one who turns away from God

He returns to his complaint about this psalm and says:

"How long will I repeat these advice to myself and these pains in my heart the whole day?" In another translation, "How long will I keep these concerns in myself .."

This is a person who heaps anxieties in himself without offering them to God! He wrestles with soreness alone and does not seek his help from that powerful lover who always says:

(Come to me, all those who are tired and heavy in loads, and I will give you rest) (Matt 11:28)

"How long does an infection rise on?":

The chapel says this phrase, whether from his human enemies or from the spiritual wars in which he falls. The enemy who rises over here is Satan but he is not the absolute authority over us, but rises on us when we hand him over our wills, but rest assured, my brother, he has no authority over you because God has given us the authority Treading serpents, scorpions, and all the enemy's strength (Luke 10:19)

A bad thought can fight you, and you have the ability to drive him out, but if you surrender to him, he strengthens you, and whenever you allow him to control, here the enemy rises on you.

The phrase "How long will an infection rise upon" carries a good meaning within it, as we consider it an enemy because Satan often appears as a friend !!

Angel of Light appears to you (2 Cor 11:14) or as a wise person who gives you advice or says (to you I give the kingdoms of the earth and its glory)

(Matt 4: 8, 9), or he wears the clothing of lambs and is a sneak wolf (Matt 7:15)

But as long as you know that he is an enemy, watch out for him, and do not open your heart to him, nor your mind, and as you are upset by the height of this enemy, you will not rise against you either

We see him concluding the psalm by saying: (Those who grieve me exclaim me if I fell either. On your mercy I trusted my heart rejoices in your salvation.

Let my Lord, your mercy, be stronger than their muffles, and give me success, do not rejoice over my failure, and give me repentance, and do not rejoice in my fall, I do not rely on my resistance to sin, but on your mercy I trust in you with your mercy, save me, and my heart rejoices in your salvation

This surrounding harp again strengthened its strings, playing the melody of praise, and stamping it with the word Alleluia

As if David says to the Lord: The words that I said at the beginning of the psalm have now withdrawn: I withdrew the phrase forget me and the phrase that obscures your face from me now. My heart rejoices in your salvation. I apologize for what I have said now. An infection that will not be strengthened (the trap is broken and we survived)

Indeed, the most beautiful statement of Jesus is: (But your sorrow turns into joy) (John 16: 20)


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